A Fosterer's tale (not a BTT foster but a lovely story of perseverance) -


"......My new little chap is not the easiest, but we’re getting there. He’s called Ted. And he’s not actually that little. He looks like a teddy bear, likes a cuddle, but has a growl like a grizzly. And he growls a lot. It’s his hobby!


Ted was supposed to be a foster, but he was never going anywhere else. An emotionally fragile little fellow, who hardly ever wagged his tail, had arrived. To be fair, in most areas he’s a lot easier than “little Nancy” was. [I’d still love to get my hands on the person who abused little Nancy, but that’s another story.]  Physically he’s in far better shape. I feel he’s a victim of ignorance not malice, but this can be just as destructive for a Bully.          


I can only guess as to why he lacks social skills with both people and other dogs. A highly strung, nervous Bully is not easy to bring up, but mistakes have definitely been made, and Ted is all the poorer for it. However, we’ve achieved the first goal of getting him settled and secure, and a rewarding process it’s been.


As he can’t speak, his woes and worries are conveyed in typical doggy fashion. Growls and grumps, but who can blame him. I’ve had to learn very quickly, to understand his insecurities, to try and temper his propensity to guard his territory with considerable venom, and calm his “ball” obsession.


Like all Bullies he loves playing and cuddles, but nothing is straightforward with Ted. He can decide to retain the ball and not put it down for 6 hours or more, resulting in a highly charged Bully  hurtling around the house for what seems like an eternity. I haven’t worked out the rules of this particular game. Ted loves it, my furniture isn’t so sure!


A big Bully sat on your lap is also fine, but he can suddenly get insecure. This side of him has improved so much of late, though I have to try and read his body language and continually reassure him.


But let’s not dwell on the negatives. He’s a Bully. A beautiful chap, intelligent, with boundless energy and as daft as they come. I wish he’d leave the tree pruning to me though! I don’t want any more large branches in the dining room thank you. The muddy diagonal runway across the lawn I could also do without, but suspect that’s here to stay. We’re on child gate number 6, but his desire to rule all the house is diminishing, and his forays upstairs are now rare. I’m a calm sort of fellow myself, but if he bashes me in the groin one more time I just might lose it! And “garden patrol” at 3 in the morning is just as unpopular with the neighbours as it is with me, but that’s now a rare event too. Life is never dull with a Bully.


He now wags that tail all the time and he’s here to stay. Bless him He’s not the easiest, but we’re gonna get there....."





"levi is a absolute dream he travelled so well we didnt even know we had him in the back of the car (we stopped twice on way home for him to have a little walk and a wee). we went for a walk as soon as we got out the car then after when we got home he had a drink. The kids went to bed and we had a cuddle on the sofa.When i went to bed i left him in the kitchen on his bed which he had been on in the car, kissed him goodnight and turned the lights out. When i came idown n the morning he looked up at me from the sofa (which i knew he was going to do) with a look of arent i good. He had not barked or chewed or anything all night. On his walk this morning he didnt pull or anything, let four horses pass us without any fuss or barks. All i can say is that i am now in love and would like to thank you very much for matching the two of us together..."