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May 20, 2018, 01:04:32 pm

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Training & Health

What can we do for you?

The Bull Terrier Trust was set up to help unwanted and homeless Bull Terriers but also to help people understand this very unique breed. We not only provide a rescue and rehoming service but can also recommend an experienced Bull Terrier specialist, who for a reduced fee can offer personalised training tips, a diet plan and ongoing support. Please note that full and pertinent advice cannot usually be given without meeting and working with you and your dog, everyone's situation is different as is each Bull Terrier.

During our time working with Bull Terrier rescues we have found there are people that are struggling with their dogs, they don’t want to give up on them but due to various reasons, such as different work patterns, growing families or BT traits that were ignored as a puppy they are now finding it hard to cope. Bull Terriers are the most loving, loyal and unique dogs but they can also be challenging, stubborn and a handful. We offer support to all of you out there that know and love this truly fantastic breed but need a bit of help and advice.

Specialising in training and health advice

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Contact Details, please mention the Bull Terrier Trust for preferential rates:


    Tel: 07788 839470

    Text/SMS: 07788 839470

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